Everybody in the world has a biased opinion on the North of France, on how its weather is cold and its people equally cold and inbred, and everything looks German even though we're in France. Well, it's !!! WRONG !!! Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time, we offer you the city of Metz on a silver platter:

Ideally located in the North East of France close to the borders of Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, Metz should definitely be the next stop in your European road trip. Thanks to its numerous green spaces, parks and trees, it is a surprisingly pleasant city to live in. Its typical architecture is a delightful sight thanks to the local yellow limestone (pierre de Jaumont), which gives buildings a soft, golden antique look. You won't be disappointed either if you're a history nerd because Metz has been around for about 3.000 years. The Centre Pompidou has become one of the major modern art museums in the country. The local musical scene is quite dynamic, and our concerts venues are amazing. And if you just want to sip drinks and chill, Metz is friendly and small enough to dig in easily!


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